What is Account2Account (A2A)?

Paying via Account2Account is very easy, and it allows you to make instant payments to us so we can complete your order and send crypto to your wallet almost instantly ⚡

What banks does Account2Account (A2A) work with?

Account2Account (A2A) works with most major New Zealand banks, including:

  • ANZ
  • ASB
  • BNZ
  • TSB
  • Cooperative Bank
  • Westpac

What is A2A?

Windcave's Account2Account payment service is a secure outsourced partner to all major merchant banks in Australasia - trusted with hundreds of millions of transactions annually.

  • All data is SSL encrypted with the Windcave secure environment providing the same level of encryption security as any online banking portal.
  • Windcave does not keep any record of your personal information during this transactional process, it is handled directly with your banking provider.
  • Windcave does not have access to your personal information at any stage during the transaction process.
  • No 3rd party software is downloaded to your computer.

How to pay via Account2Account

1. When provided with the various payment options for your order on Easy Crypto, click Select on the Account2Account option.

2. Confirm your wallet address and click Pay with Account2Account.

3.  Select what Bank you are with, tick I have read and accepted the terms and conditions, and click Next.

4. Sign in to your online banking by inserting your online banking customer number and password, then click Next.

This is so you can give your bank account permission to use Account2Account's instant payment service.

5.  Select what account you want to pay out of and click Next.

6. Click Next to confirm your payment. 

7. Ba-bam! Too Easy! 🔥

You will receive a confirmation email for your order almost instantly and your cryptocurrency will be sent to your wallet shortly after. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out and contact us 👈