Can I trust Easy Crypto?

It's a very good idea to do some good due diligence on any company that you're sending your money to - and that includes us!

We've got some tips here on what you should look for when you research a crypto company, and to help make your homework easy we'll lay out all the answers for Easy Crypto.

But feel free to double-check everything we say, you can't be too careful!

Is Easy Crypto a registered business and a registered financial services provider?

Absolutely. We are an NZ-based company, and fully compliant with all NZ regulations. This includes being a Registered Financial Services Provider (FSP593949) and a member of an independent dispute resolution scheme.

You can find our company registration here.

Our FSP registration is here.

How long has Easy Crypto been around and who is behind it?

Easy Crypto was started in December 2017 by Alan and Janine Grainger. You can find out more about us here

What are other people saying about Easy Crypto?

You can read customer reviews about our service here.

If you have any other questions or comments, just get in touch - we're always happy to clarify anything.