How to set up and receive in Trust Wallet

This article will walk you through how to set up and use Trust Wallet, one of the most common cryptocurrency wallets. Trust Wallet supports 160,000+ assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, XRP, Theta, and others, making it a great option if you're getting started in the exciting world of crypto. Trust wallet is mobile only at this stage, so there is no desktop wallet.

To learn more about Trust Wallet, how it works and how to keep your funds safe, check out our full wallet review here. (Link to my trust wallet article to be linked)

Setting up Trust Wallet on your Mobile 

Download Trust Wallet on your Mobile

Trust Wallet is available on both Android and Apple. You will be able to download Trust Wallet through either the App Store or Google play. To be safe make sure you visit the official Trust Wallet website here and click on the App Store or Google Play buttons to ensure you are downloading a legitimate copy of Trust Wallet and not a bootleg look-a-like.

Trust Wallet does not require any customer information on signup. All data is encrypted and then stored on your device, if you download Trust Wallet on different devices, they will be different wallets.

Backing up Your Wallet (Essential)

This is an essential step in the setup process, Trust Wallet will prompt you to go through this step upon opening your freshly downloaded copy of Trust Wallet. 

  • Once you open the app, it will prompt you to "create a new wallet" you will need to read over and agree to the privacy policy and terms of service then you will be prompted to back up your wallet. 
  • This is the most crucial part of the whole exercise, you need to agree to this step then press continue. The next page will be labelled Your recovery phrase there will be 12 random words on your screen. What you need to do here is write these words down on a piece of card or paper in order from 1-12 then keep in a safe and secure location. 
  • There are options to copy the words and also save them as a QR code, we advise against this as storing your recovery words on your phone can be dangerous, especially if your phone were to be stolen or compromised. 
  • Once your words have been written down, the next step will be repeating the words back to Trust Wallet. The application will jumble your words up and require you to select them in order they were given from 1-12. Once this is complete, your wallet will be set up and you will be taken to the home page of the app.

It is advised you set up a strong pin code for your Trust Wallet, as well as turning on biometric identification if your phone supports this. This can be done in the settings menu under security.

Recap on security:

  • Write down your 12-word recovery phrase on card or paper  
    • Keep this in a safe and secure location
  • Secure wallet with a strong pin code and biometrics (if available to you)
  • Anyone can access your crypto if they have your recovery phrase. Never share your recovery phrase with anyone and store it in a safe location. This means do not take a photo of it, do not store it on your computer or mobile device, and do not store it in the cloud.
  • Trust Wallet does not and will not ever store your private keys, these are stored on your devices local storage.
  • If you receive a message from someone who claims to work for Trust Wallet or DApps Platform Inc, do not click on any links. We often see phishing scams, and if you’re ever unsure, just reach out to us, we’re always happy to confirm.
  • You take full responsibility for handling your funds in Trust Wallet

If you were to lose access to your device or Trust Wallet, your 12 word recovery phrase would be the only way to recover your wallet and the assets inside, so it is imperative your words are written down and stored safely.

Click here for the full guide on how to set up and backup your Trust Wallet. Make sure you read this and follow each step. 

How to send/ receive crypto using Trust Wallet

Sending and receiving is super easy with Trust wallet, to make sure you have everything sorted before diving in, check our guides below:

How to get your trust wallet address

This article will run through how to receive crypto into your trust wallet!

Step 1: Open trust wallet

(or download here:

Step 2: Click receive

Step 3: Search the crypto you want to store.

For example: Bitcoin

Step 4: 

Click the crypto you want! For example, Bitcoin.

Step 5: 

You can now copy the address provided!

 You can now paste this address into the address bar at checkout, and we will send the crypto straight into your wallet!

If you have any questions about Trust Wallet, check out their knowledge base or get in touch with Easy Crypto's friendly support team


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