How can I remove a coin from the tracker?

Your tracker is simply a ledger of all the trades you've made on our site, plus any trades you've added manually. To remove a coin from your Tracker, all you need to do is add a sell trade for the amount you have in that coin - and it will automatically disappear :)

For example, let's say I want to get rid of this entry for Matic in my Tracker:

All I need to do is create a sell trade for the amount of Matic I want to remove, in this case, all of it, which is 48,315.277 MATIC:

Click on Add a trade to launch the manual trade popup:

Then fill in the amount of Matic in the From field. In the To field, you want to choose what you did with the Matic. In this case, I have lost the Matic (I didn't convert it to any other currency and I didn't sell it), so I'm choosing to convert it into $0 worth of NZD:

Click Add entry and you're done!