How do account limits work?

The amount of crypto you can buy and sell with Easy Crypto will depend on your account limits.The types of limits are:

  1. Your total account limit
  2. Your daily limit
  3. Your crypto sell limit
  4. The per transaction limit

Let's explain each of those limits in more detail...

Total account limit

Your total account limit is based on your verification level. You can read up on our verification levels here.

If you have verified your source of funds, your account limit will be custom-set to the level you want. If you haven't verified your source of funds you will have the standard account limit, which rolls over on the 1st of each month.

Daily limit

Your daily limit is the total amount you can spend each day. It will be the same as, or lower than your total limit.

If you want to increase your daily limit, you can let us know here.

Note that if you are a brand new customer, we can increase your daily limit, but there will be a 2 working day stand-down before we release your funds. The rate will be locked in when you pay for your order, but the funds won't be released until your payment has fully cleared into our bank account.

Crypto sell limit

Anything you have bought from us you can sell back to us - no matter what value this has gone to. If you buy 1 BTC you can always sell 1 BTC, even if the value goes up ten times or more :)

If you bought crypto from somewhere else, you can still sell some back to us, until you have used up your "unverified crypto" limit. Once that is used, just verify your source of crypto.

Per transaction limit

We also have a limit on individual transaction sizes. This differs by coin, as some coins are more prone to slippage than others.

You can put through multiple transactions, as long as you are within your daily limit. For example, if you have a daily limit of $100,000 but the per-order limit for a coin is $50,000, you can put through two $50,000 transactions.

Got questions still? Just  get in touch with our friendly support team.