Australian Domain Migration

You may have noticed that has just changed to!

Have no fear, this is really us and is the exact same website that you've always been using, it's just the domain that has changed.

This is part of our continuing push to bring the Easy Crypto experience to the world. We started in NZ and recently added South Africa, plus, we have some more countries in the pipeline!

We apologise that we didn't think to put this out in an email a week ago, but to be honest with the lead-up to the halving it just slipped our minds. 😕

If you want to double-check that it truly is us, just email through on the email address you've always used in the past - [email protected]

Take care!

Andrew, Stuart and the Australian team.

P.S. We will be adding a global referral scheme soon so that you can refer your mates anywhere in the world to Easy Crypto, and get a thank you from us for it! We'll let you know when that's live :)