How to verify your account

You've just created your account with us, and you want to start trading ASAP - So you need to get verified fast 🚀

You only need to verify once, and then from here on out you will be permitted to trade as often as you like.

1. Go to My Account > Verify Verify basic details

2. Insert your First and last name, birthday, and phone number, then click Next.

3. Click Yes if you have a valid SA driver's license, ID book or SA passport.

Assuming that you clicked Yes, please provide us with the reason you are looking to purchase crypto. 

4. Now that you've inserted the reason for your purchase, you can either select to continue through our Automated verification process or our Manual process.


5. Send us all the information we ask for during the verification process and we'll be in touch once you're all good to go! 

If you run into any issues and you need a hand, please contact us here and we'll get you sorted out.