All about SiD EFT

What is SiD EFT?

SiD EFT has been one of South Africa's most trusted online payment methods since 2007. SiD allows you to EFT money directly into our bank account so that we can process your order and get your crypto sent out to you. SiD EFT's will work with all major banks in South Africa!
Is SiD Secure?
SiD is trusted by millions of South Africa's businesses. With a proven record of 0 security breaches since it's launch, it's clear that SiD takes security seriously, here are a few of the measures they take to ensure that customers are not at risk:
  • Bank-level transaction security. SiD allows online payments to be made securely, via the internet banking platforms of South Africa’s most trusted banks. The bank’s strict security measures remain in place every step of the way.
  • 100% trusted and certified. SiD is independently monitored and verified by leading privacy and security certification specialists.
  • No data storage. SiD does not store the shopper’s internet banking login details, ensuring that sensitive financial information is kept completely secure.

How to pay via SiD

1. When presented with the various payment options for your Easy Crypto order, click Select for the SiD EFT option. 
2. Confirm your address, the amount, and then click on Pay with SiD EFT.
3. Click on the name of the bank which you will be using to pay for your order and log in using your online banking details. (In certain cases you may be required to authorize the transaction on your mobile banking app.)
4. Once you've signed into your bank account and authorized the transaction you're all set! You will receive a confirmation email from us shortly.

Please note the following:

  • Ensure that you are making the payment directly from your own bank account and not through any third-party or bank account that is not in your name. 
  • Due to the South African banking system, please allow from 1 minute up to 48 hours (excluding weekends or public holidays) for your Rands to reflect into our account.
  • We will only be able to release your cryptocurrency once your payment has reflected into our bank account.  The rate at which we will supply your cryptocurrency will be the prevailing market rate when your funds are received in our account.  
  • In our internal testing we have found SiD EFT to process payments faster than traditional bank deposits - but every transaction can vary.

Feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance!