How can I spend my referral earnings?

Easy Crypto's referral program allows you to share your referral link with friends, family and strangers to earn 10% of whatever we make from their orders for their first year!

Finding your unique code

If you head to My account, underneath the Referral link subheader, you will find your unique QR code and referral link. You can copy and paste these and send one to whoever, once they click on it and sign up, they will be automatically added to your referral list.

Track your earnings

If you visit your My account page and scroll down slightly, you will see a tracker for your earnings. This shows more information on your earnings and the number of times your link has been used. It also shows the coins that they have bought, alongside monthly breakdowns of your earnings. This graph will only display if your referral has a verified account and has made a purchase.

How to spend your credit

Once you start earning, you can use your credit in your next order. Simply place an order of any crypto you would like, and your credit will apply to your next order. Simple as that!