What are my limits?

What are my limits?

The amount of crypto you can buy and sell with Easy Crypto will depend on your verification level and account limits. If you are wondering why we have some account limits in place, we are required to comply with NZ crypto regulations, see more here

Account Limits:

For more information on account limits please see How do account limits work?

Level 1 - ID Verified
  • $1000 buying limit across all orders
  • 3 order maximum
Level 2 – Address Verified
  • $10,000 per day (daily limit)
  • First month $30,000 total across all orders
  • $20,000 per month rolling limit
Level 3 – Source of Funds Verified
(buying limit)
  • $10,000 per day (default)
  • Specific limits available on request
Selling Limit**
See What are my selling limits?
for more info
  • Unlimited selling for crypto you have purchased
    through us
  • $30,000 limit for crypto purchased outside
    of Easy Crypto

To view your current account limits please visit https://easycrypto.com/nz/account/limits

How to upgrade limits?

If you wish to buy more than $20,000 of cryptocurrency per month you will need to verify the source of your NZD

**If you wish to sell more cryptocurrency worth more than $30,000 in total (i.e. not purchased through EC) you will need to verify the source of your cryptocurrency.