How can I buy privacy coins?

If you are wanting to buy privacy coins like Dash and Monero from Easy Crypto, you will first need to provide some extra information to get your account upgraded. The reason that we ask for this extra information, is because NZ law requires us to do "enhanced due diligence" on customers who are purchasing coins that "may favour anonymity".

You can complete the privacy coin upgrade process here or follow the steps in the images below. Skip to step 3 if you use this link.

1. Click on the drop-down arrow as seen below and enter the name of the privacy coin you wish to purchase.

2. In this example I will use XMR (Monero). Once you have selected the privacy coin, you will be prompted with an ? Upgrade button as seen below - which you will need to click.

3. If you are planning to spend over $30,000 (or above your total limit) you will need to verify your source of funds.

4. If you don’t wish to spend over $30,000, you will just need to upload a bank statement showing the account you will be using to buy the cryptocurrency. Then click Submit verification.

Once we receive the required information from you, our team will then manually process your request. The information that you provide is not passed on to any third parties, and we use it only to verify your account. It is highly encrypted and stored behind multiple levels of authentication and 2FA. 

Once your privacy coin upgrade request has been processed, our team will get back to you via your registered email. If you have any questions on this, feel free to get in touch with our support team here.