Phone Call Policy (when we will call you)

This article outlines our policy around:

- What circumstances you would expect a call from us

- Our phone contact policy

Under what circumstances would you expect a call from Easy Crypto Australia?

Easy Crypto Australia will only call you after setting a time appointment via email for the following reasons:

1. As part of the onboarding process to confirm or clarify details, as well as ensure the security of your account.

2. To clarify a transaction or other information to provide you with a high level of customer service

Please ensure that the email you have received is from one of the following domains:, or

Easy Crypto Australia will never contact you about the following:

1. Trades, creating trades, investment, deposits etc - unless you have requested assistance via email and organised an appointment first.

2. ID outside of our email service or website requests

3. Requesting you to download software such as anydesk or other remote software where an external user can control your computer / phone or other device

If you have any concern about a person that may have contacted you - please contact us via our help desk to confirm.

What is your phone contact policy?

We don't maintain a call centre service, all of our correspondence will mainly be via email.  This allows us to respond quicker, be more efficient for you, send links and avoid phone tag.  Our agents are trained to contact you if required for the previously mentioned reasons.