I want to buy some crypto but it's unavailable, what can I do?

Easy Crypto was selling xyz coin last week but we aren't anymore?

That is most likely due to an issue with the exchange we sourced that certain coin from. This doesn't happen very often, but rest assured - there's another way you can buy/sell  xyz coin in New Zealand. 🙂 

Your first move would be to buy the equivalent amount of Bitcoin for how much xyz you want.

You can do that here: https://easycrypto.com/nz/buy-sell/btc-bitcoin

Your second move would be to sign up with Binance. 👇


Binance is a crypto to crypto only exchange, boasting over 493 cryptocurrencies for you to easily trade between. Binance also doesn't require you to get ID verified, so you can sign up and start trading within minutes.

When you are ready to exchange your xyz back to NZD, just reverse the process and sell through us. :-)

We hope that helps, and if you want to see a coin listed on Easy Crypto - make sure to vote for it here!: