How can I get a new coin listed?

To get a new cryptocurrency listed on Easy Crypto, all you have to do is vote for it on this page. If enough people vote for it, we'll list it on the site. 

To vote, you will need to be a verified customer with at least one completed order. Or if you want to buy some right now, simply search for the crypto you're after into Coin Gecko or Coin Market Cap

Then select Markets as shown in the screenshot below. You will see a list of all other exchanges and their trading pairs. From looking at the screenshot below, I can see that I can trade ETH for NOIA on UniSwap, or I could use KuCoin to swap BTC or USDT for NOIA. 

Simply create an account with that exchange, and we can send crypto to that address so that you have a successful trading pair. Using the example below, I can buy USDT or BTC from KuCoin and swap it for theNOIA tokens. 

Please note: We do not recommend or endorse any exchanges other than Easy Crypto. We do not take any responsibility for transactions made through other services.