Can I get a discount on your fees?

At Easy Crypto, we really appreciate our loyal customers and want to reward you with some mates' rates on our pricing. 

Once you hit the spend tiers below, the discount will automatically be applied to the prices you see when quoting and ordering:

Lifetime spend Discount on Easy Crypto fee
Up to $1,000 -
>$1,000 - $10,000 5%
>$10,000 - $100,000 10%
Over $100,000 20%

Note that due to the complexities of our supply lines we do not know the exact fee we make on any order, you can read more about why that is here. As we cannot discount off the exact fee for your order (we don't know it) we apply a discount based on the average fee we made over the last week. So if our average margin in the last week was 1% and you are in the top tier, we will deduct 20% of 1%, e.g. 0.2% from the total order cost.