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How can I import and export my order history?
How can I import and export my order history?
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This article will walk you through how you can import and export your order history using a CSV file.


Have you traded with another platform before? Save yourself from inputting each trade by importing your order history. The purpose of importing your order history is so it shows in your Portfolio tracker. This can be more efficient and easier than manually importing each trade.

Step 1

Download import history from other platform

Most exchanges and Crypto platforms will give you an option to download your order history. Locate and download your order history file to your computer.


Only .CSV file format can be imported

Step 2

Import file to Easy Crypto Tracker

Once you have your file downloaded, you can now go and upload this to the tracker on your Easy Crypto account. The Choose a file button is found here, scroll down until you find the button.
Click the Choose a file button, locate and select the order history file you downloaded in Step 1.


Simply head to this page, scroll to the bottom of your order history and click Download a CSV of your completed orders.
CSV files can be viewed in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

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