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How can I remove a coin from the tracker?
How can I remove a coin from the tracker?
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Your tracker is simply a ledger of all the trades you've made on our site, plus any trades you've added manually. To remove a coin from your Tracker, all you need to do is add a sell trade for the amount you have in that coin - and it will automatically disappear.

For example, let's say I want to get rid of this entry for Matic in my Tracker:

All I need to do is create a sell trade for the amount of Matic I want to remove, in this case, all of it, which is 48,315.277 MATIC.

Step 1

Click on Add a trade to launch the manual trade popup

Then fill in the amount of Matic in the From field. In the To field, you want to choose what you did with the Matic. In this case, I have lost the Matic (I didn't convert it to any other currency and I didn't sell it), so I'm choosing to convert it into $0 worth of NZD:

Step 2

Click Add entry and you're done!


To ensure that your tax calculations are correct, the To amount needs to be equal to any value received in the disposal of the crypto.

Simply put, this means that if there was any “benefit” value, then instead of setting the To amount to 0, in needs to be set to that instead in NZD.

For example, if I lost the private keys to my wallet, and by extension, received no financial compensation because of this, then I would set the To amount to 0.

However, if I lose the crypto via gambling where I received $1000 NZD worth of “gambling credit” then I would need to record the value of this as the To amount instead to ensure the tax calculation is correct.

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