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How to sell from the retired .ecp file wallet
How to sell from the retired .ecp file wallet

This wallet option was discontinued in May 2020

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Important: The retired .ecp file (EC Wallet) is no longer offered, this guide is only for customers who had a wallet issued prior to May 2020

If you were a customer of Easy Crypto prior to May 2020, you may have sent your crypto to a .ecp file wallet. You will hold the details of this wallet and if you would like to sell you have a couple of options.

You have two options here, depending on how much you want to sell:

1. Do you want to sell some or all of the balance, and you're happy to manage it yourself?


2. Do you want to sell the entire balance of that wallet and you want us to handle it for you?

1. I'm happy to manage it myself

You currently have your crypto stored in .ecp file wallet. This is what's known as a "cold storage" wallet, meaning that its the safest method of storing crypto. The reason it's so safe is that it has no software and no moving parts.

The downside of this is that you cant send from it. Since you need to send crypto to sell, you are going to need to move your crypto into a 'hot wallet'.

It's a very easy process to do this using the Exodus wallet:

  1. Follow our guide here to import your balance into Exodus (a very easy to use hot wallet)

  2. Once you have Exodus all set up, you can create a sell order on our site.

2. I want Easy Crypto to handle it for me

This option will sell the entire balance of your wallet. We cannot sell part of it for you.

It will also require one of our team to make the trades for you, and we can't guarantee when that will be.

If you want to ensure you get the current market rate, do not use this option. It could be days before we are able to get to it.

Email [email protected] with the details of the order and confirm that you would like to sell the and what bank account you would like it paid out to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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