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How can I turn off 2FA?
How can I turn off 2FA?
Disable 2 factor authentication
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This article will help you turn off your two-factor authentication (2FA). Regardless of whether you still have access to your codes or not, we can still help you. Just remember that your 2FA code won't come as a text sent to your phone. It will be set up through an app like Google Authenticator, Authy, or something similar.

I still have access to my 2FA codes

Great! Simply head to this page and click the button below.

We'll then ask you for the 2FA code. Enter the code, click Submit and you're good to go.

I don't have access to my 2FA codes

If you've lost access to your phone or authenticator app, we can still help you! We will need you to send a selfie with you holding your ID and a handwritten note requesting that we turn it off. This is for security purposes, just so we can make sure it is really you making this request.

Fire that through to us and our friendly support team will sort the rest out for you.

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