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How to securely back-up a wallet with a seed phrase?
How to securely back-up a wallet with a seed phrase?

A seed phrase is a commonly used way to back up crypto wallets

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Important Note

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Ensure that you do your own research before using any service, and are aware of the risks involved.
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If you're new to cryptocurrency, it's essential to understand the importance of a secure wallet backup. One of the key components for this is the 'seed phrase.'

๐Ÿ’กA seed phrase is a series of 12 to 24 words unique to you and your wallet. It is the key to re-installing your wallet on a new device in case the original is compromised.

The seed phrase is something you must keep private and secure at all times.

How do I back up my wallet securely?

While the backup process may vary depending on the wallet you use, the fundamental steps are generally the same.
To create a secure backup:

  1. Write down your seed phrase, which is usually 12 to 24 words, on a piece of paper or a physical medium.

  2. Store the written seed phrase securely in a location where it won't be damaged, stolen, or accessed by unauthorized individuals.

  3. Consider creating multiple copies of your seed phrase and storing them in different secure places.

With that seed phrase, you will be able to re-install your wallets onto a new device.

For more specific guidance , please see the back up instructions for some of the common wallets as below:

How should I store my seed phrase?

Obviously storing your recovery phrase securely is very, very important! You might want to keep copies in a few different places - e.g. in a safe, and give two people you trust half of the phrase each.

๐Ÿ’กIf you want to leave your cryptocurrency to someone in your will, it's a good idea for your lawyer or accountant to have a securely stored copy as well.

Avoid these common mistakes

  • Do not take a photo of your recovery seed

  • Never upload it to the Internet

  • Do not store it in the cloud

  • Do not store it on your computer

  • It is your wallet, we do not store your recovery phrase, nor does your wallet provider. If you lose this, you cannot recover your assets.

๐Ÿšจ NEVER store your seed phrase online. ๐Ÿšจโ€‹

We've heard stories of people who have had their online accounts (e.g. email or Evernote) hacked and have had their seed phrases stolen. If anyone has access to your seed phrase, they have access to all your cryptocurrency wallets.


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