How can I add a trade to my tracker?

Add trades to your tracker

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If you have swapped some cryptocurrency outside of Easy Crypto, this article will help you to update your portfolio tracker.
Our portfolio tracker isn't connected to any wallet, so Easy Crypto has no way of tracking transactions that weren't made through us. The good news is that this is super easy to fix!

In the example below, I will be swapping 0.005 BTC to 0.06246632 ETH.

Step 1

Head to your portfolio tracker

Click on the Tracker tab, or simply click here.

Step 2

Scroll and click Add a Trade

The Add a Trade button is located near the bottom right-hand side of the Tracker page.

Step 3

Create a trade to sell the old coin

Enter the amount and which crypto you swapped, as well as the NZD value of the coin at the time of your swap. It's important to get this correct for your total return/loss and tax calculations.

Once you're happy with the values, click Add an entry.

Step 4

Create a trade to buy the new coin

Enter the amount of NZD from the previous trade and enter the amount of crypto that you eventually received in your swap order. Click on Add a entry and your portfolio tracker should update automatically.

All done!

If you're making swap transactions in your wallet or through a different provider, I'd recommend you swap directly with us instead.

  1. All your swap transactions will reflect in your EC tracker.

  2. You'll get a much better bang for your buck, as we can offer better rates :)

Just follow the instructions in this article. If you get stuck anywhere, please just contact the helpdesk, we're always happy to help.

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