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What domains does Easy Crypto use?
What domains does Easy Crypto use?
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Website domains

Our website is as of July 2021.

We have also operated at

Check which domain you're on before entering any account details, clicking links, or otherwise interacting with us.

We have a few local domain names that we also use. These redirect to the above domains, so you will only see them briefly:





Additional domains

There are additional domains that we sometimes use from time to time. These are domains we own and host. Typically they will redirect to the above sites.



Third-party domains

We use services from other companies. These will lead back to our sites, however, we do not host them directly, nor are they in scope for our Vulnerability Disclosure Programme.

  • - we send emails from this domain

  • - this is for links in some marketing emails

  • [email protected] - this is from the helpdesk

  • - our knowledge base

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer support team who can assist you

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