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How can I find my TXID for an order?

Locate buy order TXID

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The TXID or transaction identification is a unique, 64-character number used in cryptocurrency transactions. It assigns automatically to every crypto transaction, and it consists of a random combination of numbers and letters.

Buy orders

To confirm that your order is complete, and to find the full details of the transaction, you can view the completed order history on your Orders page.

Find the order you want to view and click on Details. You'll find the delivery address, the rate and the amount that was delivered, and also the TXID.

The TXID is the specific transaction on the blockchain where your funds were sent. By looking at the transaction directly on the blockchain, you don't need to take our word, if we say it has been sent - you can confirm all the details yourself.

If your order says complete but you can't find your TXID, please get in touch with our support team via the messenger in the bottom-right of your screen.

Sell orders

When enquiring about a sell order with our helpdesk team, they will likely ask you to provide the TXID for the transaction you made to us.

🚨As you will have actioned the transaction from your wallet yourself, it will be up to you to locate the TXID, our staff do not have access to this for sell orders.

​It may be named TX Hash, Transaction ID, Hash, or something similar.
You should be able to find it in your withdrawal details in your wallet.

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