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How to set up automatic purchases with Auto-Buy
How to set up automatic purchases with Auto-Buy

DCA with Auto-Buy

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You may have heard of dollar-cost averaging before - this is a way to make regular automatic purchases, which spreads your purchasing rate over time.

Easy Crypto makes it easy to set up an Auto-Buy "template", where you decide what coins you want to purchase, and at what ratios. Once you've set up your template, you can send any amount of money to us on any schedule you like, and we'll handle all the heavy lifting. The coins get purchased and delivered straight to your wallet.

Step 1

Create the order template

Your first step is to head to the automatic payments area of the site buy clicking Buy & Sell and then Auto-Buy.

You’ll arrive on the Auto-Buy order customisation page, where you can select the coins you want and the percentages of how much you want of each coin.

Step 2

Add your delivery address(es)

Now that you’ve selected your coins and percentage, you can now provide us with the wallet addresses that you want your crypto delivered to.

If you deposit less than the amount you decided when setting up your Auto-Buy, we will still automatically divvy up what you sent us and deliver your crypto to your wallet/s at the same ratio as you originally decided.

Now that you have confirmed all the details, your Auto-Buy order has been created!

Step 3

Schedule a payment from your bank

Your next step is to set up a payment with your order reference from your bank account to Easy Crypto, and you can see how to do this by clicking How to pay.

You can set a regularly scheduled payment, or you can pay whenever you feel like it with that reference – it’s entirely up to you! Whenever a payment arrives using that reference number, we’ll make the trades and send them your way.

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