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How can I learn about crypto?
How can I learn about crypto?
Find information to learn about cryptocurrency
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Crypto can be a mind-bender to learn but there are plenty of free resources around to help. Almost anything related to Crypto can be learned for free online!

That is one of the backbones of crypto, open, decentralized information that everyone and anyone can access.

Easy Crypto Learn

You can learn with us as we have a learn site with some awesome articles that go in-depth about plenty of crypto topics.

A lot of the team at Easy Crypto are cryptonerds and we love sharing our knowledge and discussing the ins and outs of crypto so all the information on our learn site is put together by members of the Easy Crypto team.

These are the current topics covered on our learn site :

  • Cryptocurrencies - Learn about the different cryptocurrencies and how they operate

  • Wallets - Great place to begin learning

  • Security - Get tips and knowledge around being secure and safe with crypto

  • Glossary - Get to know the terms and jargon used in the world of crypto.

  • Guides - Feeling a bit lost? These will help you find your way


Another great tool for learning when it comes to Crypto is YouTube. YouTube can offer many different needs for someone new to crypto.

It can be hard to find the right fit when looking for great content creators on YouTube.

We have our own Easy Crypto channel that uploads videos often.

YouTube is overflowing with information about crypto and is especially great for:

  • Video tutorials

  • News updates

  • Reviews

  • Documentaries

  • Opinion pieces


YouTube channels may present biased opinions on coins and projects. Some may even be promoting projects that aren't legitimate. Use your due diligence when watching content creators.


Podcasts are also a great way to learn more about opinions and why people are so passionate about crypto.

Crypto podcasts often will have a host and a guest, with the guest being someone influential in the industry. This could range from someone with large holdings, an early adopter, or a pioneer in advancing cryptocurrency in some shape.

This is a great way to learn and gather information from someone that might be a specialist in a certain field within cryptocurrency.

Community Groups and Meetups

Come and join our private community group that is only for Easy Crypto registered users!

Easy Crypto Community NZ

Ask as many questions as you like and learn from the questions that others ask.

This group is run by some of our awesome Easy Crypto team and is a place to discuss all things crypto-related. We will be hosting monthly Ask Me Anything (AMA) with different Easy Crypto staff and others within the crypto ecosystem in NZ.

For privacy reasons, if you have any questions about your account or orders please contact the helpdesk team at

There are many other crypto community groups out there, when you join them it's best to watch and see what the vibe is like before engaging and make sure that you check up on how to stay safe online.

We are one of the sponsors at Cryptocurrency NZ monthly meetups around NZ.

It is the last Wednesday of the month in a number of cities around NZ.

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