There are four different payment methods you can use on our website, Account2Account, POLI Pay, Debit/Credit card, and Bank Deposit.

When making a buy order, once you have entered your wallet address you will then be asked to pick a method of payment for your order.

Each method has some slight differences and are the most commonly used payment methods for shopping.

The Payment Method page clearly shows the different options, speeds of processing, fees the processor charges and the banks that work with those options.

Account2Account (A2A)

Account2Account (A2A) works with most major New Zealand banks and it allows you to make fast payments.

It operates through Windcave's Account2Account payment service which is a secure outsourced partner to all major merchant banks in Australasia.

The data is SSL encrypted with the Windcave secure environment providing the same level of encryption security as any online banking portal transactional process.

This is one of the fastest ways to make payments and orders over $500 are free from the processing fee.


POLI Pay is an instant payment service based in Australia that uses your standard online banking account to make payments to any of the partnered banks.

Debit/Credit card (Stripe)

Stripe is a payment service provider that allows us to offer buy orders to our customers using credit or debit cards to complete payments.

Stripe works with all Visa and Mastercard* cards and allows you to make fast payments so we can complete your order and send the crypto almost instantly.

*Some card issuers may charge additional fees.

Bank Deposit

With a bank deposit, you enter your own banking payment system and make a payment to the Easy Crypto Bank account number given to you during the order process.

This is also a free option and is available for use with most banks.As it is completely reliant on when the bank sends Easy Crypto the money, the amount of time it takes can vary greatly. There can often be delays outside of normal banking hours. We endeavor to make your Crypto experience as easy as possible and once we have received the funds we are able to confirm the rate that the crypto will be purchased at.

The rate is locked in as soon as the funds reach us and we are able to confirm we have received the payment.

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