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How can I update the website to the latest version?
How can I update the website to the latest version?

Update to fix website issues

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If you want to force an update of the website to get all the latest features, scroll down to the bottom of any page. You'll be able to see a version number there, and if there is an update, it will show up in yellow like this:

Click the link to update, and the website should refresh as the new version.

General Troubleshooting

If you're still running into issues on the site, you'll find a button on your Orders page and your Portfolio Tracker to force a refresh of the site:

Please click the Force Refresh button and sign back into the site, and the problem should be resolved.

If you're still having issues, please get in touch with our friendly support team. Please provide us with all the information, so that we can help you in the best way we can.

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