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Service charges - SA

Service Charges - South Africa

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At Easy Crypto, it's our mission to make cryptocurrencies easy and accessible for all South Africans

An important part of that is keeping our prices as low as we can - so we automate everything possible. That's how we can complete your order is quickly as possible.

If you make a mistake on your order and you need us to manually intervene, that's no problem at all, however there will be a service charge for this.

Our services charges are set out below:


We will deduct a service charge from your order of:

Bank transfer with no reference number attached


Refund to your bank account

R500 - R1000 plus any currency exchange loss

Manual change to your crypto order (e.g. changing coin type, address or other change that requires intervention from our team)

R250-R2000 depending on complexity

Made a fraudulent payment (whether knowingly or unknowingly) which requires refund of the payment and closure of your account with us.

R1500 or 2% which ever is lower


R500-R10,000 depending on the complexity

If you have used a payment processor Ozow or SiD EFT we will deduct and additional 1.5% fees from your refund for the payment processor fees.

These service charges will be deducted directly from your order when we resolve your service issue. Refunds are not available on delayed orders as per the Terms of Service.

​Recoveries vary in the level of complexity and while we have a service fee for attempting the recovery, the majority of the fee is charged by external providers and is beyond our control.
Due the increase in these fees in 2021 and 2022 recoveries from certain providers under $850 will not be attempted.
We would much prefer that we do not have to go through any of these processes, so please double check when placing your order that you have all the correct information in the right places. If you are unsure contact us BEFORE making the order. Crypto transactions are not reversible, so once it is done there is no going back!

A 0.001BTC fee may be requested to process your verification, this will be held as a credit for your first order with us. If your verification request is fraudulent or otherwise invalid, this fee will not be refunded.

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