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Over The Counter (OTC) Terms and Conditions
Over The Counter (OTC) Terms and Conditions

For large orders we are able to offer a special service which has it's own terms

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The following terms and conditions are applicable to users of our Over The Counter (OTC) service. This service is your direct access to our Premium and High Value Customer trading desk. The terms and conditions set forth allow you a clear understanding of the trading process, as well as prompt you to ensure you are safely storing your digital assets, whilst avoiding and minimising your risk of fraud.

For more information about risks, please refer to our Risk Document.

In using this service you agree to the following conditions:

  1. If using a wallet: The wallet address is completely under your control. No third party has access to the private key or the password to the wallet.

  2. If you are sending to another exchange, investment company, wallet, or other digital currency service that doesn’t allow exclusive control of the private key to your wallet, you have completed your due diligence on that service. Further to this, the onus is on you for any loss or liability that occurs due to your decision to use such a service.

  3. That you have researched and understood the risks associated with investment in digital currency and that any previous performance of a particular asset class may not be replicated.

  4. You understand the risks associated with securing your digital wallet, your private key and your computer hardware and software that is utilised to control the security of your digital currency.

If you are using our OTC (over the counter service) or dealing directly with EasyCrypto if you agree to an estimated offer by email, text or other means in writing, you are appointing Easy Crypto to act as agent and in accordance with that instruction and complete the relevant transaction on your behalf. ​

In doing so, you are acknowledging that:

a) your estimated rate will be instantly converted to your nominated cryptocurrency and b) you may be unable to reverse the transaction - if we are able to do this for you, fees and service charges may apply.

For your information and safety

As with all investment types, you must be vigilant around investing in Digital Currency and understand there are risks. Some of the more common issues people have had include:

  • Sending Digital Currency to a third party and not to your own wallet. This usually occurs when you deal with an investment company or individual who promises significant returns on your deposit (such as a broker). In the majority of cases, this is not achievable. Digital Currency, as with any financial product, will increase in value in line with the market's valuation. Digital Currency, as a general rule, cannot generate passive income.

  • Not storing your passphrase correctly. We have come across users who have either not saved their wallet passphrase, stored it online where it is vulnerable, or given it to someone else. In any case, this is poor security and compromises your assets immediately.

  • Not backing up your wallet. Occasionally users will lose access to their wallet due to device failure, such as losing their mobile phone. Ensure that you have backed up your wallet for recovery, so that you can recover your wallet on any device.

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