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Bitcoin Network Transaction Fees Explained

Due to the sudden popularity of Bitcoin Ordinals and increased demand on the Bitcoin network, we have seen a large rise in the price to complete transactions on the Bitcoin Network.

The Bitcoin network fee is a fee all crypto users have to pay for each transaction, this fee is set by the demand for transactions on the blockchain. When the blockchain is busy, fees increase as people want transactions to be confirmed quickly, resulting in a surge on fees.

There has always been a network fee for the confirmation of Bitcoin transactions, which Easy Crypto has covered for our customers. However, given the increase in demand, we are sadly no longer able to offer this.

We will always try to keep the fee as low as possible by batching transactions together to get you the best rate.

Can I Avoid Bitcoin Network Transaction Fees?

Avoiding Bitcoin network transaction fees is impossible as they are a fundamental part of the system, however taking steps to ensure you aren’t overpaying, such as opting for lower fees or choosing to batch transactions, can be helpful.

We at Easy Crypto are making every effort to make sure our fees remain as low as possible to ensure our customers enjoy the best experience.

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