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Easy Crypto Wallet - Password Reset
Easy Crypto Wallet - Password Reset
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🚨 Important Note: Password and Seed-Phrase or back-up recoveries are not the same. While we can assist with recovering a forgotten access password, we do not keep a record of seed-phrases.

If you have lost your device, you will need to complete a back-up recovery using either the seed-phrase or social-recovery method.

Please see the below article for more.

Is it possible to reset a forgotten password?

Absolutely, it happens to the best of us! If you have forgotten your Easy Crypto Wallet password, you can simply reset it by following the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Forgot Password

Open up the Easy Crypto Wallet application in your device, from the login screen, click on the ‘Forgot password’ link and follow the on screen prompts.

Here you will be prompted to enter in the email address you used to create your wallet account. Once you have entered the correct address, you will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

Step 2: Reset Password

Now follow the reset link provided in the email to the password reset page. Here you will be prompted to create a new password.

💡Remember: Your password needs to be at-least 8 characters in length and contain at-least one uppercase letter and one number.

Once your new password is set, you should now be able to log into your account.

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