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How do I update or change my email address?
How do I update or change my email address?

Learn how to update or change your account-associated email address from within your account.

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You can update your email in the account settings when logged in here.

  1. My Account

  2. Details

  3. change email

From there you will be able to easily change your account email to any other email you want. 😊​

🚨This will not work if you have logged in through Google or Facebook. For this you will need to change your log in method to email. See Below -->

Changing log in method from Google/Facebook to Email Method.

If you have signed up to Easy Crypto using a social sign-in method such as Google or Facebook, you do not have the option to change your email address in your account details, but you can do it by following below steps.

*The 3 login methods we offer at Easy Crypto. Google, Facebook and the traditional email and password method.

1. Sign out of your account, then return to the Log-in window shown above.
2. Click the Sign in with email option
3. Enter the email address associated with your Google or Facebook login and click Forgot Password
​4. Complete the Reset your password process, and then sign back in (using the new password).
You should now be able to see the option to change your email address under your Account details.

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