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Account Closure

If an Easy Crypto account is operated in breach of our terms of service, we may close the account.

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There are a few reasons why an Easy Crypto account may be closed.

  • The Account holders conduct was found to be inappropriate, such as swearing or threatening behaviour

  • A breach of the Easy Crypto terms of service, e.g. questions about the Nature and Purpose of your account have not been provided or approved​

When closing an account, we will reach out to inform that the account is being closed.

Any outstanding orders may be refunded back into the account they were paid from with service charges deducted.

What happens to my crypto?

As we are a non-custodial exchange, your crypto will remain in your custody or at the address where you sent it to.

Requesting to close your account

If you request to close your account we may ask for some more information.

  • All information about your account will continue to be held in line with our Privacy Policy.

  • Requests to reopen the account will only be considered if additional information is provided to support the application to reopen.

  • You will retain log in access and be able to see your account history, but will be unable to place any orders.

If you have further questions or get stuck, just send us an email or a message.

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