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Can you delete my account and data?
Can you delete my account and data?
Account and data deletion
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With regards to your personal information - you have the right to ask us to correct or change your information held with us.

Per our Privacy Policy, you can approach us if you find any information about you that is incorrect or out of date :)

When it comes to data relating to your account and verification, we are under legal obligations to maintain customer records for a certain period of time (7 years).

This means that while we can disable accounts, we sadly are not in a position to delete account information from our records until the required timeframe is up.

As soon as we are no longer required to store your data, it will be disposed of responsibly as instructed by the Privacy Act.

As outlined in our Privacy Policy, all data held with us is stored in a secure & private manner - and is only viewed to provide you with services and manage your account with us.

If you would like us to close your account please contact the helpdesk team to request this.

To contact the help desk, click here.

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