How does the tracker work?
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Easy Crypto has a nifty feature that allows you to see the movements of your investments using the portfolio tracker.

Keep in mind that while it is designed to track your entire net worth, Easy Crypto does not hold your funds or have access to them.

Finding the tracker

Click here or Tracker from your top menu. You will see a graph, with your net worth above it, as well as your overall stats, a breakdown of your crypto, as well as a rough tax summary (please note that this is not tax advice and that all tax should be your own responsibility). The tracker is one of the most used pages, so much so, that you can select it to be your Easy Crypto home page!

The graph

If you look at the graph, you can see a visual element of how your investments have been doing daily. Currently, the graph only goes back a couple of months, but it will give you an indication of how your portfolio moves. Another cool feature is that you can click and drag a section of the portfolio to zoom in on that particular date range, so you can get a clearer image of how your funds have moved in that time frame.

Overall stats

On the right-hand side of the page, you can see a breakdown of your investment history. It shows you the current market value of your portfolio, how much you have invested, your returns as a fiat number and percentage, how many coins you have, as well as the changes (+ & -) it has done over the past week and past day. Underneath these stats is a pie chart, showing you how your portfolio is spread over all of the cryptos you own.

Manually adding trades

If you have traded cryptocurrency outside of Easy Crypto, this article will help you to update your portfolio tracker. Our portfolio tracker isn't connected to any wallet, so Easy Crypto has no way of tracking transactions that weren't made through us. The good news is that this is super easy to fix! The Add a trade button is located at the bottom right of the tracker page. Click here for a guide on how to remove trades you have entered.

Which coins can I add to my tracker?

Adding your own coins is possible when manually adding a trade. Even if we don’t sell it, you are able to track it. The logo of the coin will come up as below if we don’t stock it. Keep in mind we can only add coins from the top 1200 coins on CMC.

Extra features

  • Moon mode show you what your investments would look like if they went x1, x2, x5, x10, x20, x50, or x100 of their current value. It can be located just under the graph in a dropdown menu.

  • The Tax summary is a quick snapshot of the profit/loss that you have had in any given financial year. This can be very helpful for calculating tax.

  • The Force refresh button is what we recommend people use to manually refresh the website. It is very helpful for when we update the site and your browser doesn’t automatically change, or when there have been changes made to your portfolio that haven’t automatically shown up.

  • You can hide/ show low balances to see a more rounded figure of your investments. The low balances are usually just the network fees that are left when sending crypto from your wallet.

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