How long do orders take?

Find out more about how long it typically takes to process buy and sell orders, and factors that can affect processing times.

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Buy Orders:

How Do Buy Order Processing Times Work?

Our orders are processed very quickly, but please note that we do not process orders until we have received payment. Depending on your payment method, the length of time it takes for your order to process may vary.

Typical Processing Times:

  • Online Eftpos, POLiPay, Account2Account (A2A) and Stripe - Instant processing

  • Manual Bank Transfer - Orders are processed and locked in as soon as payment clears into our bank account - Typically 2-4 hours.

Why Is My Buy Order Taking Longer Than Expected?

No one likes delays, but banks do not operate as quickly as the blockchain and recently we have found an increasing number of payments being delayed by the banks. If you feel that your access to crypto is slowing down because of your bank, please contact them to see if they can help solve the issue.

Are There Any Other Factors That Could Affect Processing Times?

  • Manual Review: We may need to contact you to confirm additional details about your order before processing it. This might cause a delay until the next business day.

Sell Orders:

How Do Sell Order Processing Times Work?

When you place a sell order through us and once we have received the crypto (This is when we lock in the rate) we will then queue your order for payout, you will generally receive the payment the same day.
Here's a breakdown of the payout process:

  1. We process payments in batches throughout the day.

  2. It may take a few hours from order completion for the NZD to arrive in your bank account.

💡Orders made outside of normal business hours (9am-5pm) may not show in your account until the following day.

Why Is My Sell Order Taking Longer Than Expected?

Like buy orders, the sell process is automated but relies on specific details:

  • Matching deposit and order amount

  • Using the correct network

  • Entering the correct memo (if required)

Are There Any Other Factors That Could Affect Sell Order Processing Times?

  • Unconfirmed Transaction: If your transaction shows as "unconfirmed," it's waiting for confirmation on the blockchain. This can happen during high network traffic or if you used a low network fee. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do here except wait.

What To Do If Your Sell Order Transaction Doesn't Complete?

Please refer to the next article for further steps...

Country-Specific Considerations

New Zealand & Australia

The speed of your transaction will typically come down to how quickly the bank sends and receives the funds, how congested the network is and if any additional reviews are needed.

When using Online Eftpos, POLiPay, Account2Account (A2A) or Stripe payment methods, in most cases, we send the payment instantly.

For manual bank deposit payments, your order will be sent once the payment clears from the bank.

South Africa

Your rates are locked immediately when using OZOW or SiD EFT, and we send your order as soon as your funds arrive in our account. This can take from 2 minutes to 2 days depending on the banking system. For the fastest payment use bank transfer and select an “immediate payment” which usually takes 1-2 hours for the funds to arrive.

Notify us within 10 working days if you are experiencing any issues and our team will gladly resolve your inquiries.

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