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I sold crypto but I haven't received the money
I sold crypto but I haven't received the money
Check if your sell order has completed
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If you've created a sell order with Easy Crypto but haven't received the payment in your bank account... what next?

Step 1

Check if we have received your crypto deposit

If your order says "processing" or "delivering" then we have received your payment, sit back, relax and the money will be with you soon!

Bank payments are a bit slower than crypto, so please don't follow up with us unless it's been more than 2 business days.

Step 2

Check that you have sent the funds

If your order shows as "unpaid" on your orders page, then double-check that the funds have left your wallet or the exchange account you are sending from.

If the transaction says it is "unconfirmed" then that means it is waiting for your payment to be confirmed on the blockchain. This can happen in times of high load, or if you have used a network fee that is too low. There's not much that can be done here, so just sit back and wait.

Step 3

Send us your TXID and we will track it down!

If the payment hasn't been received by us but has definitely been sent then please contact our helpdesk with:

  1. A screenshot of the outgoing payment from your wallet or exchange account

  2. The TXID / transaction hash/transaction ID for your payment. This will be a long string of letters and numbers, and you will need to copy and paste it to us in plain text.

From there we will get you sorted!

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