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Easy Crypto Wallet - General Information for Sending and Receiving Crypto
Easy Crypto Wallet - General Information for Sending and Receiving Crypto

General Information for Sending and Receiving Crypto using your Easy Crypto Wallet.

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What is a public address?

Think of a public address as your crypto email address - it’s safe for you to share and it allows you to receive cryptocurrency transactions. Share it with the world and start receiving your digital assets securely.

How can I add cryptocurrencies to the Easy Crypto wallet?

You can add cryptocurrencies to your wallet in three ways:

  1. Using the buy function, you will be able to connect to your Easy Crypto account to purchase cryptocurrency.

  2. Using the receive function, you will be able to share your wallet address, so that someone can send you cryptocurrency directly.

  3. If you already have cryptocurrencies in another wallet, you can use the import function to transfer funds from your existing wallet.

What are the transaction fees?

Transaction fees can vary depending on the current network activity and the specific cryptocurrency you are using. The Easy Crypto wallet offers different fee levels for you to choose from, depending on how fast you want your transaction to be processed.

How long does it take to process transactions?

The time it takes to process your transactions can differ. It all depends on the specific cryptocurrency you're sending or receiving and the current rhythm of its network. We will provide you with estimates and for some cryptocurrencies you can choose to pay a higher fee to speed up the transaction.

How can I check the status of my transactions?

Transactions can be tracked in the transaction history of the Easy Crypto wallet, or by using a blockchain explorer. The transparency of the blockchain allows anyone to view and verify transaction details using a unique identifier called a transaction ID (TXID). Each transaction that occurs on a blockchain is assigned a TXID, which serves as a digital fingerprint to uniquely identify and track that specific transaction.

What is the QR code scanner and how do I use it?

A QR code scanner allows you to quickly input addresses by scanning a QR code. When you want to send someone crypto, they may provide you with a QR code as an address. From within the Easy Crypto send function, select the QR code scanner and point your camera at the code to scan and enter the address.

What are ‘Accounts’ in the Easy Crypto wallet?

Accounts allow you to create multiple addresses for the same cryptocurrency within each of your wallets. This can be useful as it allows you to easily organise your cryptocurrencies. Each wallet account allows you to create multiple “accounts”, acting as nifty compartments to hold separate addresses for the same cryptocurrency. It's like having different cards in your wallet for different occasions.

Can I cancel a transaction once it's been made?

Once a transaction has been sent though, due to the nature of blockchain, transactions cannot be reversed. So it is important to be very careful. When conducting transactions it is generally recommended to test with a small amount first rather than sending the entire sum. This precautionary measure helps mitigate potential risks and ensures a smoother and safer transaction experience.

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