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Our FAQ for New Zealand based customers

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Welcome to Easy Crypto! We have gathered the most commonly asked questions here, but if you can't find an answer here, please get in touch with our support team.

What is crypto and how does it work?

Crypto or cryptocurrency is a virtual or digital exchange of value that for security uses cryptography. Most are not governed by a central authority, like a bank or government, meaning it is decentralised. It can be used to exchange for service, products or other currencies.

Bitcoin was the first and all others are referred to as Altcoins, which is short for Alternative coins, meaning not Bitcoin. There are thousands of Altcoins with have their own use cases and systems. These include Ethereum, Tether, Ripple and Doge to name a few.

Transactions are stored on a public digital ledger called a blockchain, to give greater transparency and security to the system.

Who is Easy Crypto and what do you offer?

We are a New Zealand based non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange with a mission to make it easy as for anyone to buy, sell and trade crypto.

Non-custodial means we do not hold crypto for our customers, we strongly believe the best person to look after your crypto is you. Purchases are delivered straight to your address provided when buying crypto.

Our easy to use platform has other tools to help you keep track of your crypto investments, like Auto-Buy, Multi-Coin Orders, OTC Trading, and Portfolio Tracking.

In addition the Easy Crypto Wallet can help you to easily buy, sell or swap crypto and secure your crypto holdings.

To support the New Zealand crypto space, we also have NZDD - a New Zealand digital stablecoin backed 1 to 1 with the NZ Dollar.

Is Easy Crypto a regulated and legal platform?

Yes we are!

Based in New Zealand we fully comply with local regulations and the regulations of any country we operate in. We are a registered financial service provider (FSP691871) and a member of an independent dispute resolution scheme.

In addition we also abide by Anti Money Laundering (AML) and other financial service regulations.

How do I buy and sell?

Your first order can be completed easy as! Once you have verified your account check out How to Buy Crypto to walk you through the process step by step.

If you want to sell your crypto it is also easy as! How to Sell Crypto will guide you easily through the process and most orders are paid out within a day.

How do I keep my crypto safe?

This is extremely important as the best person to keep your crypto safe is you!

Regardless of what wallet or platform you use, there are some basic safety rules that will help you on your crypto journey.

Here are the top three articles for those starting out:

Guide to Crypto Self-Custody
Keeping Your Crypto Funds Safe
Crypto Hot & Cold Wallet Security Tips

How can I get support?

We totally understand that getting started in crypto or even when you have been in crypto for awhile, that you might need a helping hand. And we have you covered.

First, check out our Help Centre to see if you can find the answer and then get in touch with one of our awesome customer support team members either via the chat bubble or via email at [email protected].

Our team works local business hours.

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