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FAQ: More Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ: More Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ for New Zealand based customers

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Welcome to Easy Crypto! We have gathered the most commonly asked questions here, but if you can't find an answer here, please get in touch with our support team.

Getting Started with Easy Crypto

Getting started with EasyCrypto is really easy! All you need to do is create an account with a user name and password, and then verify your account by going through some simple identification steps.

Placing Your First Order

Once basic verification is completed you can place your first order and start your crypto journey!

Verification Guidelines

Completing verification through our automated process will get you going within a couple of hours or even minutes. If your application needs review by one of the team, then we aim to get back to you with the next steps within 3 business days.

Buy and Sell

What are the buy and sell minimums and maximums?

The minimum amount for both buying and selling on our platform is $50 and the maximum is $500,000! Our minimums may differ due to network fees.

What if I need to buy or sell a higher amount?

All good! Just get in touch with the team to discuss what you need to do and we can help you out.

What are buy and sell limits?

Limits depend on the level of verification that has been completed on your account and are set in accordance with Anti Money Laundering (AML) and other financial service regulations.

Buy limits

Buying limits start at NZ$100,000, with a daily spend cap of NZ$20,000. Once you spend this amount, you'll get a $20,000 per month limit (rolling over on the first of the month).

You can easily increase your limits by providing some more information so we can make sure we are keeping on the right side of those AML regulations, check out the verification info here.

Sell limits

You can sell anything you have purchased through us and for crypto not bought through us we can process sell orders of up to $100,000. If that is not enough, you can increase your limits here.

Increasing limits is a manual process and while we aim to do this as quickly as possible please allow between 3 - 5 business days for a review of your request.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept payment via Account2Account (A2A), Polipay, Stripe, and bank transfers.

Each payment method has it's owns pros and cons, for speed and any associated fees.

While crypto is usually very fast, bank processing times are still in back in the 1990's and are outside of our control, perhaps they could start using blockchain technology!

Sometimes payments get held up and if they do, we will either get in touch or get the order out to you as soon as possible on our end.

What are Easy Crypto's Fees?

Easy Crypto is like a shop, so what you see is what you get. Our rates are inclusive of all costs, including our fee for making crypto easy, foreign currency exchange, and withdrawal fees. All fees related to your order are transparent when making purchases or selling, before you commit to finalising it.

You can take a look at the fees that apply to your order by clicking on the rates info box on the order screen. Network fees, however, are not included and are charged by the network for confirming the transaction.

Can I get a discount on my Easy Crypto fee?

Why yes you can for buys! We add a discount depending on how much you have spent with us. You’ll get your first discount of 5% off the fee automatically applied at $1,000, the second discount of 10% at $10,000 and then 20% at $100,000.

What are network fees?

Network fees are charged to validate transactions when a crypto transaction is sent over the blockchain. This is an external fee which varies in amount depending on what crypto is purchased, how much demand there is on the network at the time of making the transaction and a number of other variables.

This is not charged by Easy Crypto but may make up part of your transaction.

Who is Easy Crypto?

We are a New Zealand-based company, and are fully compliant with all local regulations. This includes being a registered financial services provider (FSP691871) and a member of an independent dispute resolution scheme.

Which cryptocurrencies do you offer?

We currently support more than 130 cryptocurrencies and you can vote for what you would like to see listed next.

If we don't have what you want, please Vote here with what you’d like to see added!

Need Help?

We all need help sometimes so don't hesitate to reach out to our awesome customer team at [email protected] if you ever have an issue with your account or an order.

We are real people and mostly NZ based, so we work Monday - Friday from 9am to 5pm.

If you are keen to dive deep into all things crypto, from wallets to coin information, then check out Easy Crypto HUB.

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