You've just created your account with us, and you want to start trading ASAP - so you need to get verified!

You only need to verify your details once, and then from here on out you will be permitted to trade as often as you like.

If you’re located out of NZ, there’s a chance your application will be held for review - so please get in touch with our team explaining your situation and they will give you a helping hand.

Step 1

Go to My Account > Account > and click on the green Verify account button.

Step 2

Enter your First and Last name, Birthday, and Mobile phone number - and then click Next.

Step 3

Select or type the Purpose for your purchase and your Source of funds.

Step 4

Either select to continue through our Automated verification process or our Manual verification process.

Automated verification:

The faster and easier option and you should be able to complete the entire process within a few minutes.

Manual verification:

Manual verification is just as easy, however, a real live person needs to review this so your patience is appreciated. This process will take longer than the automated process.

After selecting one of the options and sending us all the information that we need, we'll be in touch! If you run into any issues with your verification or if you have any questions, please contact us here.

Address verification

Should we not be able to verify your home address during our automated or manual process, you will be asked to provide evidence to prove your place of residence before you can spend more than NZ$1000 with us (this is limited to a single order).

We can accept a photo/screenshot or PDF of any of the following, addressed to you, clearly showing your name and address, and issued within the last 12 months:

  • Utility bill

  • Statement/letter from a bank or financial institution

  • Insurance policy document

  • Unexpired rental or tenancy agreement

  • Unexpired employment letter/agreement

  • Letter from a government agency containing a unique reference (e.g. IRD number, Client File Number, NZTA reference or Tenancy Bond reference number)

  • Letter/Statement from solicitor or accountant

  • Letter from Electoral Office

  • Letter/Statement from School or Tertiary institute

  • Letter/Statement from GP, Specialist or Hospital

To verify your home address, just follow the link on your account page under Verification. Fire that through and we'll be in touch!

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